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“G” Family {Las Vegas Portrait Photographer}

I met Marty about 4 years ago when we were both living in Guam.  We stayed in touch through Facebook and when we knew for sure we would be moving to Las Vegas we chatted back and forth a lot and we’ve visited a few times since I moved here.  Marty’s family is getting ready to head overseas for their next home but she wanted to do something special for her husband for father’s day.  I suggested photographing the kids so that she can make something for her husband using the pictures.  A few weeks ago we got together to do just that.  Here are a few of the pictures from that session.

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Bright Lights…Big City {Las Vegas Portrait Photographer}

Holy Smokes!!!  Vegas rocks, I repeat VEGAS.ROCKS!  So, since Vegas is so awesome I decided that I needed to make some changes.  New town, new house, new car (yes I’ve gotten pretty much new everything).  Best of all?  New start!  So to kick off all of the awesomeness that I anticipate happening in Vegas I’ve done a full revamp of my business!  How you ask?  A new logo for starters, added on to a new website, and new colors for a totally fresh look that goes along with the whole Vegas theme here!  I’ve been contemplating which direction to take my business for a while and I had entertained branching off boudoir completely and making it it’s own portion of my business but I decided for the sake of ease that I would keep everything together with a new look!  Ladies and gentlemen, I bring to you…  Red and black, the colors that make me think of sin city and boudoir, and awesomeness and VEGAS!  So ya, let’s create something awesome here in FABULOUS Las Vegas!

Oh and of course because a post isn’t complete without a picture, I put together a side by side comparison of my previous logo and the new one and then of course a picture of my son, Logan.  Whoever said photographing your own child was easy?  PSH!

Logo comparison


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Las Vegas {Las Vegas Nevada Portrait Photographer}

SQUEEEEEE!!!  We’ve been in Vegas for about a month now and we are absolutely in LOVE with it!  There’s so much to do here and we’ve been loving every second of it!  Last weekend we headed up to Mount Charleston to participate in their cleanup project.  The views up there were breathtaking!  Then, the following day, on mother’s day I wanted to go to The Valley of Fire so we did that.  It was so much fun and so awesome to see!  Here are a few of the pictures I took between the two!  Isn’t Nevada GORG???  And they say there’s no beauty in the desert..  I disagree!


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Vanessa + Daniel {Copperas Cove, TX Portrait Photographer}

Yesterday morning I had the joy of photographing Vanessa and Daniel.  Vanessa and I have been friends since our sophomore year of high school when I sat next to her in one of our classes.  We began chatting (when we weren’t supposed to be) and quickly became friends.  Since then, we’ve made the effort to stay in touch through social media through the years and when she was visiting Colorado several times I would go meet up with her for drinks or dinner.  I was excited to be coming to Texas this time as she moved back a couple of years ago and I was happy to get to see her again.  Daniel just returned home from deployment a few days ago and regrettably I wasn’t able to attend their actual homecoming so I suggested we get together and do a couples session for them.  In general I do my best to always photograph military homecomings because I feel as a photographer it’s the least I can do to give back to those serving our country.  As a military spouse with a long lineage of service members this honor runs deep for me and it’s very close to my heart.  It’s truly an honor to be invited by a couple or a family to be there for such a momentous time in their lives and to celebrate their service member returning home.  As a human being I believe we should always be thankful for those who have served to protect the liberties and freedoms that we experience each day.  It should always be remembered that without those willing to serve, our nation would not be the great place that it is!  Thank you so much Daniel for your willingness to serve your country and Vanessa for standing by him while he did it!  I had a blast with you both and I can’t wait to see you again in the future (when you come visit me in Vegas, just saying’)!  On to the best part, right?  The gorgeous images of these two!


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“L” Family {Delaware Family Portrait Photographer}

Gah, I’ve been so busy trying to get my house ready for our move that I totally spaced blogging this beautiful family!  I photographed them a few weeks ago and it was a total blast. It was a beautiful day and a beautiful family, plus the leaves were absolutely perfect!  Fall portraits are some of my favorite.  I absolutely LOVE the gorgeous colors that fall brings!  Thank you so much “L” Family for choosing me as your photographer!  I loved working with your family!



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